Kindergarten ring of children


Our kindergarten program is designed to meet the needs of the 5-year-old scholar as they prepare to enter grade school. 

While the students are still youngsters, we encourage “hands-on” activities like play-based and student-centered learning to help our student’s develop a love for education while they explore the world around them.

The garden and open spaces outside are available to run and play as our youngsters begin to comprehend the vast beauty of God’s green earth. Students start each day with a short bible study where they’re introduced to age-appropriate Bible stories. This exposure helps familiarize them with the Lord and gain an appreciation for His loving care for each individual.

We supplement academic learning with the help of the Envision Math program, Wilson Fundations Phonics program, handwriting, music, and art classes, and opportunities to play outside on the play structures and in the open space.

*We’ve also created a Kindergarten Extension program to complement District 34’s Kindergarten program at Henking, Westbrook, and Lyon. Click here to learn more.