We teach a curriculum with Christianity as our foundation, but wholeheartedly welcome
students of all religions.

At the Glenview New Church School, our goal is to create an environment infused with compassion and support to foster each student’s individual relationship with God.

We approach education through engagement and interaction, as we aim for our students to know God through their own unique perspectives. Our kids will hear bible stories in an age-appropriate fashion. We encourage prayer and questions and nurture a connection to the Bible through godly play. 



The Preschool program is designed to meet the needs of the 3 and 4 year old learner as he or she develops skills needed to enter into Kindergarten.

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Our kindergarten program is designed to meet the needs of the 5-year-old scholar as they prepare to enter grade school.

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Kindergarten Extension

Our Extension program is a class created to complement District 34’s Kindergarten program at Henking, Westbrook and Lyon.

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Grades 1-2

Our first and second grade classroom teacher takes the students to the next level in their learning.

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Grades 3-8

In a combined classroom setting, students explore reading and writing content and skills that prepare them for middle school.

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Our aim is to create a gentle, Christian-based haven where children can grow into the best version of themselves

We teach in the spirit of God’s generous love and compassion, not through fear. The Glenview New Church School prepares children for the future by providing the tools necessary to develop into earnest, spiritually-grounded members of society, who can contribute to their community in a meaningful way.


Get to know our world-class faculty and staff!

Phil Parker

Principal, Grades 3-8

Judy Teel

Administrative Assistant

Rev. Mark Pendleton

Senior Pastor

Rev. Elmo Acton

Associate Pastor

Lisa Haske


Laura Barger

Grades K-2

Kara Smith

Grades 5 – 8

Jennifer Overeem

Art and Drama

Emily Pietrasiak