Parent Testimonials

What our parents have to say.

I feel that the GNCS schools are a great asset in the nurturing and healthy education of the children it serves.  I could not think of a better school for my child and I’m grateful for its leadership and faculty.

Scott R, Parent

My wife and I really love the Glenview New Church School for a variety of reasons. We currently have two kids in the school, and one graduated and is presently at Glenbrook South high school. Small schools have the benefit of much closer teacher/student/parent collaboration, and that is most certainly true with GNCS. Every child has slightly different needs, and GNCS teachers are really willing to work with each individual student and their parents, with directly daily feedback. The collaboration is exceptional.  More importantly, the school emphasizes a spiritual foundation that helps children realize what is truly important in life, and we’ve seen our kids improve and bring these values home, and ultimately be nicer/happier kids. I think this reinforcement of values during the school day is what I truly appreciate the most about the GNCS.

Collin C, Parent

I would like to say that my experience with the Glenview New Church School has been wonderful. Due to the small class sizes, my child has had a lot of individual attention from the teachers and it has helped him develop his abilities and personality tremendously. He is very happy here. I think it is a really great place to learn and grow.

Sabrina S, Parent

I have two children in the school and have been very satisfied with the level of education and guidance they have received from the teachers and leaders of the school. The class sizes are small and teachers individualize instruction for each child. The atmosphere is very caring, and the teachers speak with respect to the children and parents providing a value-based education. Children who have gone through this school system and later go to Glenbrook South do exceptionally well, because the teachers prepare students academically as well as socially, instilling values on a daily basis. A visit to the school is definitely worth your time.

Submitted by a parent

My daughter attends this school and I have yet to interact with such a dedicated and committed staff as I have encountered here. My daughter is getting an excellent education at a fair price and I am entirely satisfied so far.

Submitted by a parent

We sent our children to this school and loved the small community feel to it.  It was a safe, loving environment.  It was an excellent education. Our kids have gone on to great careers serving the community and have wonderful leadership skills that we attribute to the school and the teachers.  Their music and art programs are outstanding. The campus is amazing – lots of land and plenty of outdoor activities including a garden planted, cared for, and harvested by the children.  Most of the harvest goes to the Glenview food pantry which helps foster community.  We just love the school and can’t say enough great things about it

Submitted by a parent