Three Glenview New Church School students cheerfully completing an assignment

Grades 3-8

With our students’ increasing capacity for advanced thinking, we aim to stimulate their minds through engaging lessons and discussion. Our teachers foster an affinity for learning while acknowledging each student’s individual strengths. Small class sizes allow for individualized instruction and more attention while catering to their specific needs.  

As children grow into themselves, being in an accepting and loving environment is crucial for their development. Our daily Bible study will help foster a love of God and feelings of unconditional support and acceptance by our Lord. This early exposure helps instill confidence and allows students to develop a personal relationship with God, that which they can trust and seek guidance as they navigate childhood lessons.

Our faculty facilitates high-level education through the Envision math series, an academic program in which students are guided through experiences that are meaningful, educational, fun, and relevant to their lives. At this level, we build upon science and mathematics skill with STEM challenges. Students use these activities to also take on leadership and mentoring roles with younger students.

Students participate in Community Learning which encourages them to provide service to the school and wider community – instilling sound values, building character, and reinforcing the value of giving back.